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Apparently many people like to hike with their dogs. The evidence is everywhere. We carefully avoid the “poop loop” dog walking area where walkers are encouraged to pickup and carry away their best friend’s doodoo. It’s just not our thing. You see, we have a cat. Cats don’t pretend to be man’s best friend, and they cover their own “evidence” while on the trail. But I must concede that cats are lousy hikers. After hiking about 47 feet and chasing some thistle-down, they sit and wait for humans to carry them back to their food bowls.

We didn’t always have a cat. But one Saturday afternoon three years ago, I felt that a kitten would brighten up our debt filled college tuition paying years. So I left TJMaxx and went over to the pet store and got right to the point.

“Do you have any kittens?”

“Yes, we have one kitten left,” was the eager teenager’s first-job-at-a-pet-store reply.

“I’ll take it.”

“Don’t you want to look at it…I mean to see if you are compatible.”

Who is compatible with a cat? I wondered.  “No thanks. Do you have a box, or a bag or something that I can take it home in?”

“?!!”  “I need to get my manager,” the rookie looked quite upset.

This is when I realized that most people approach kitten shopping much like shoe shopping. One takes one’s time to find just the right kitten, looking for that special furry friend that fits just right. But I was kind of in a hurry and wasn’t really in the mood for shopping.

“The recipe clearly calls for one kitten. Do you have one or not?” But no one at the pet store found that to be very funny and they made me sign a bunch of papers and told me that pets were almost just like people and sold me some kitten food and a nice soft kitten box. They even called me the next day to ask, “How was my kitten?” I told them, “Delicious.”

Banksy (named after an artist/felon) is now a healthy three year old ginger colored tabby. He’s a great cat. He has scarred most of our furniture and all of our carpeting while brightening up our lives. But I’ll admit, he’s not a great hiker. So you won’t see him out on the trail. It’s just better that way. Enjoy your weekly hike and don’t forget your doodoo bag.

Who could eat you?

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