Ready to Fly

If you are a recent visitor to the blog, you may want to start by reading the Heritage Point entry where the weekly hikes began.

Tom and Amy have been married 30-some-odd-years. And we’ve found that our weekly hike has prepared us for pretty much everything that life has thrown at us.  Marriage isn’t easy but it can be one of life’s most rewarding journeys. We think hiking (along with prayer) helps.

Tom used to race motocross bikes for a living.  He still loves to mountain bike (in any weather, night or day), golf, and monkey around with cars.  Amy is the director of a small Christian non-profit.  She likes to sing and write and look at birds. We have two grown up kids who also like to hike–sometimes with their parents!    

So here’s Your Weekly Hike.  Are you up for the challenge of 52 hikes a year?

PS We don’t usually dress like this but this pic makes us look like for-real hikers.


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