Why I Love Hiking in the Snow.

01 Feb

jan hike pic

No, really I’m serious. I love it.  Here are a few great reasons to march out into the snow before it’s all gone:

  • There are no bugs or poison ivy.  This is huge.
  • It’s gorgeous.  The leaves are down.  Snow shows every contour of the ground that you don’t see at other times of the year.  Views are spectacular and the occasional pine groves feel cozy and homey.
  • Everything smells wonderful.  Hints, of deer, pine needles and distant woodstoves make you stop in your tracks to suck it all in.
  • It’s bright.  Even on a cloudy day, the woods look bright and welcoming.  This is a real pick me up for the winter blues.
  • It’s quiet.  Other than the crunching beneath your boots, snow absorbs sound.  We didn’t see another human being on the trail today…sublime peace!
  • Tracks.  Today we saw zillions of tracks from bunnies, deer, birds, cross country skis, mountain bikes, dogs, and previous hikers.  And it’s so great to leave your own mark alongside the snowy traffic of the forest!

Today’s hike was at Deer Lakes Park. Find great trails here: deer lakes trail map


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