Father in One Word or Less

18 Jun

ImageI took a one-word poll on facebook the other day. I had noticed that others had posted a lot of “dad” pictures and deduced that it was Father’s Day. Luckily, there was still time to post my own tribute to dear old dad before sundown and to kiss the father of my children and make a proper Father’s Day feast of Hebrew National Hot Dogs and baked beans from a can.

Any way, I asked all of my BFFs on my least favorite internet site to describe fathers in one word. The answers were pithy, thoughtful, nutshell descriptions of the “greatest generation” dads. Here you go.

Supportive       Repairer       Determined       Rock       Cornerstone       Strength       Faithful       Teacher       Putzer (in a good way)       Warm       Inspirational       Caring       Steady       Strong       Awesome       Thoughtful       Hardworking       Provider       Wonderful        

But sprinkled in were a few of the not-so-fond descriptors like…

Detached       Unengaged       Drinker       Frustrating       Unloving

The gutsy, honest, and wounded children of these men must, like all of us, come face to face with a God who has asked us to call him “Daddy.”  For many Christians, this relationship with a heavenly Dad does not come easily. And I’ve learned that God had reasons for this intimate descriptor. Jesus didn’t suggest Abba (daddy) as a way to address our Father, but the way. (“This then, is how you should pray, Our Father in heaven…” Matthew 6:9) While God celebrates gender and created male and female in His Image, He is more anxious for us to know Him as Daddy rather than Mum. So look at the lists above. How has God demonstrated His Love to you? If you described your Heavenly dad in one word, what would it be? 

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